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  • Taiwan Dry Tech Corporation -- The Name for Dry Box

    Taiwan Drytech Corporation (“TDT”) is the parent company of 收藏家 in Taiwan and globally branded as Eureka Auto Dry Box. TDT’s products are displayed in Costco, Carrefour, and many other big chain stores in Taiwan.
    TDT manufactures dry cabinets for the purpose of dehumidified storage in: high-tech manufacturing sectors, R&D laboratories, educational institutions, lenses/photonics, museum & collections, government & military agencies, and home living spaces.
    TDT’s vision is “to provide the world with services and options in preserving precious resources and professions both in their work environment & personal lives.” What this vision entails is protecting resources from moisture damage while preventing waste in all aspects of life.
    Applying this vision to the photonics industry, TDT will provide an affordable, effective, and economized way for safe storage of electronic components/boards which meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C standard and extends the minimum shelf life of manufacturing material during production process. Serious manufacturing defects and failures, including many that may not show up until the finished product is in the field, are resulted from improper storage of moisture sensitive components and assembly process.