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  • CALIN Technology is Your Partner in High-Precision Optics

    CALIN Technology Co. Ltd. is the expert in manufacturing of high-precision optical lens and components, outstanding quality, assured by executing strict production management and recruiting experts with more than 30 years working experience in optical industries.
    CALIN is well experienced in providing all types of optical lenses and all customized development products, such as Automotive camera, Security camera lens, Projector lens, Digital Camera lens, DSLR, Industrial lenses, and medical endoscopy lens. Respect to our core value, we keep devoting the professional ability on expanding the business to high-reliability camera in optical lens design.
    For having a better environment, CALIN has no doubt to contribute ourselves technology to support the growing of green industry. Meet the ramped-up demand of green industry, such as monitor system in greenhouse, Intelligent Control System in habitant security, or Intelligent Transport System in Automobile field.
    Our lens with high temperature endurance and long lifetime characteristic are the best candidate for customers to apply into all types of camera modules. CALIN have unique optical design and outstanding glass molding process capability in production, we are confident and able to provide the lens solution for high-reliability camera lens.
    We believe there are five principle for human’s welfare - 1. Customer satisfaction 2. Profit creation 3. Employee care 4. Sustainable management and 5. Technology development, which are our final Goal to achieve.