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  • OUIGO Builds Up Your Display Future

    Maxtek taps into the audio/video consumer market with its OUiGO branded 100-inch wall mounted projection TV. Although a new comer in this field, Maxtek proves itself by rolling out the projections TV with features such as large size panels, high resolutions, eco-friendly and health-oriented functions. These features help to gain customer recognition and satisfaction, and also correspond to the design trends of major brands.
    Currently the biggest large-size TVs are those above 84 inch with extremely expensive price. OUiGO provides an affordable solution by combining high-brightness projector, blu-ray disc player, network-enabled media player and other friendly functions to offer customers with a unique and prestigious choice.
    Advantages of OUiGo Projection TV:
    1.unplugged /no heat problem /no static charge / no electromagnetic interference
    2.Full HD/4Kx2K resolution
    3.10 year warranty with only 1/10 the price of competing products.
    4.uniform display quality with no color difference
    5.smooth display brightness
    6.anti-abrasive 12mm fortified material which can endure long period
    7.clean and recyclable manufacturing process
    8.one projector for all display needs
    9.all materials (glass, metal and fiber) are recyclable