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  • Rainbow Light Exhibits High-technology Portable Light Measuring Equipment

    Rainbow Light Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and making various types of CCD Micro-spectrometer models and solutions for testing and inspecting LEDs. CCD makes the spectrometers more sensitive and accurate than traditional CMOS ones.
    The Rainbow-Light MEMS Micro-spectrometer is the firm’s own brand product, utilizing the company’s micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology to compress color separation of traditional spectrometer into a concave grating. The firm claims that its product models feature compact size, low cost, high resolution, vibration-resistance, and drop-proof, and particularly fits the development of a portable device that requires a spectrometer, going beyond the application restrictions of general spectrometers.
    At the 2014 Photonics Festival in Taiwan, Rainbow Light will showcase its latest innovative products at booth M440. Among its exhibits, the MR-16 is a frequent award-winning handheld spectrometer with display, featuring upgraded battery efficiency (prolonged operation time), better user interface, state-of-the-art appearance design, and many other advantages.