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  • Ultimate Image, an Expert of OLED

    Ultimate Image Corporation (UMAGE), a leading fabless OLED lighting design company, specializes in design, development and sales of OLED lighting solutions. OLED light is the next-generation light source, featuring healthy, green, and free-form. IDTechEx Research forecasts the market will grow to 1.3 billion USD by 2023.
    UMAGE was established in September 2011 by an experienced team with 15 years of OLED structure, OLED process optimization, and system integration. We offer top notch OLED lighting products with many patented innovative technologies. The color-tunable OLED lighting products could offer a warm light of 2,000K, similar to the traditional candle-light and richly colorful light, suitable to decorative lighting application. We are open-minded to share relevant market information, technology trends, and market growth with strategic partners.
    As a pioneer in the development of OLED light, UMAGE will continue to develop its technology solution and services to ensure long term partnerships and maximize the success of our customers.