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  • Rainbow Light Provides Intelligent LED lighting systems with energy-saving constant light

    In recent years, energy efficiency projects are included in many nation’s development policies and promoted as a key concept. Furthermore, LEDs are used in view of efficiency saving in public buildings lighting and home energy. A competitive option advantage can be gained by offering the consumer a greater tip on making a home energy-efficient plan for energy.
    A well and thoughtful lighting system could provide the advantages as above, such as Smart Home Solutions and setting the mood. The former can set your own lighting switch time or brightness and color temperature through APP or software program. The latter can change the color of light sources. Basically smart home lighting concept as listed above are both required. More specifically, the lighting system will automatically boot up the lights throughout your home. Intelligent lighting not only refers to the intelligent light, but also automatically adjust LED light brightness smoothly, while color temperature of the indoor light can be kept constant. An intelligent system makes it easy to save energy and work more accurately. Solution includes an spectrophotometer built in to monitor and remain constant lighting, thereby achieving energy-efficient goals.

    Rainbow Light have established a technical R&D center and specializing in MEMS technology spectrometer for years. The intelligent LED lighting system works based on MEMS micro spectrometer with adjustable LED light source, eventually combined exclusive software to produce multiple functions, smart home solution and setting the mood. No other company in the industry can monitor and keep constant lighting better than Rainbow Light. With Rainbow Light’s solution, users are able to set a wide diversity of light atmospheres through the spectrometer maintained in the indoor brightness, color temperature constant.