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  • ALTLED Top-Quality Customized T8 Tubes

    Aeon Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. (ALT) provides total lighting solutions made to fulfill ALT’s customers’various needs. Offering the brightest and absolutely the best quality LED T8 tubes ion the industrymarket, ALT aims to provide customization services for our worldwide customers. From 1ft-10ft, HPF, high CRI, 6 lens types, and for any type of application area suitable for T8 tubes, ALT will be able to fulfill specialized requirements and needs. They are bright enough to be used as traditional high/low bay lighting which consumes about 2-3 times electricity.
    High CRI (92)
    High Power Factor
    Best aluminum heat dissipation in the industry
    Brightest LED T8 tubes at 6,000 lm
    Perfect high/low bay replacement
    Various lengths (1ft – 10ft)
    Works in minus 65℃ environment
    Lightweight version available for EU market
    Multiple lens choices including Linear Fresnel lens
    Directional lighting and no wasted light
    Saves up to at least 92% energy
    Global 3-year warranty
    ALTLED® T8 tubes come in a variety of lengths to choose from, from 1ft to 10ft, fitting in all types of settings. ALTLED® T8 tubes are especially good for convenience stores where brightness is required without glare; they are also perfect replacement for traditional high/low bay lighting which uses toxic mercury and consumes 2-3 times more energy. Our T8 tubes can also be made with high CRI of 92, which will most definitely boost store sales by increasing the attractiveness of the illuminated objects’ appearance. Moreover, ALTLED® T8 tubes now work in extremely cold environments, down to minus 65℃, perfect for walk-in freezers. A lightweight option is available for EU markets where there is a weight restriction.