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  • VISWELL Offers The top Competitive price in AOI industry.

    Green energy is always a hot topic in recent years. Especially, solar energy is inexhaustible renewable energy for humans. It is also clean energy; do not generate any environmental pollution. Solar photovoltaic is the most watched item in the researching of solar energy utilize.
    Viswell Co., Ltd is proud of involving in solar energy industry. Viswell provides solar cell inspection solutions to improve or check its conversion efficiency. For example: Crystalline Solar Inspection, Thin Film Solar Cell Inspection and EL Image Catching System. Viswell is expert in positions of leakage currents and find out the defects of shunts, hot spots, micro-cracks, pinhole and saw marks. Viswell make the most convenient machine for solar cell failure analysis. With automation that combines the optical camera, the machine can acquire the defect position less than 1 second.
    LED is another hot energy-saved product. LED is a long-life, less-heat, and less-power consumption lights. LED’s performance is much better than quartz halogen and fluorescent in AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) industry. Viswell also produce high power LED lights, including ring lights, line lights, filament lights, back lights and LED controllers which are used in many different applications.
    Viswell is a solar call inspection machine maker and also a LED illuminators producer. We have many experiences and capabilities in developing algorithms of inspection software and integrate the optoelectronics and machine vision. We are expecting being the expert to provide any possible solar cell and LED lightings solutions. http://www.viswell.com.tw